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BioLink International brings innovative products and technology to diagnostic manufacturers as well as the scientific research communities. Our goal is to provide cutting edge Biomedical solutions worldwide.

We currently provide Recombinant HIV, HCV and Syphilis antigens for purpose of research and manufacturing. We also provide laboratory consumables to distributors, hospitals and research communities.

Our Recombinant HIV Antigens are suitable for an Enzyme Immune Assay (EIA) or the Enzyme_linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) kits testing, Our Recombinant HIV Antigens can also be used in Radioimmunoprecipitation Assay (RIPA) Test, a confirmatory test when antibody levels are very low or difficult to detect or when Western blot test results are uncertain.

Our innovative product Recombinant Multi-epitope Chimeric HIV Antigen contains a lengthened HIV-1 gp41, O IDR(immune-domain region), and HIV-2 gp36 fragment. Only one such chimera antigen will achieve a satisfactory level of sensitivity and specificity in HIV EIA kit testing. We also provide single antigens including HIV-1 gp 120, gp41, HIV-1 subgroup O and HIV-2 gp36.

BioLink International is dedicated to providing for the needs of our customers and producing top quality products at very competitive price. We hope that our products will inspire the development of research that can aid in the battle of preventing those devastating diseases.